Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

When an organization undertakes a hiring wave, the Human Resources department can easily become overwhelmed with the time consuming and laborious nature of the recruitment process. This is especially true for organizations that have exhibited minimal staffing increases in the recent past. Within a few months from the start of a hiring campaign, HR can become so consumed with recruitment that other core HR functions may go unattended. Moreover, the very process of a major increase in personnel, is often accompanied by an organization wide restructuring effort. At this junction in time, it is imperative for the HR Department to function optimally – yet it can’t because it is preoccupied with recruiting. The end result is a wave of new hires working in dysfunctional and disorganized departments where work flow suffers, performance is lacking, confusion amasses and company morale declines. For this reason, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)industry has exhibited steady growth over the past 15 years. Small companies to the Fortune 500 have already embraced RPO and more continue to do so every year.

DM Talent offers an end-to-end RPO solution providing the entire recruitment function for all of the client’s open job requisitions or a defined subset thereof. In an RPO, the DM Talent team becomes an integral part of the client’s organization. The client benefits from all of DM Talent’s expertise in understanding market trends, setting salary bands, crafting job descriptions, working with hiring managers, identifying the core competencies of a requisition, research, advertising, networking, salary negotiation. In short, a DM Talent RPO mitigates the risks associated with extensive hiring, services hiring managers with improved efficiency and drastically lowers the cost-per-hire. It also frees the HR department to focus on retaining employees rather than recruiting them.