Retained Search

A Retained Search is recommended for positions where the incumbent’s performance will have major ramifications on the organization’s ability to perform critical business functions. Openings such as these are often the hardest for an organization to fill and finding the right person for the job is essential.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

DM Talent offers an end-to-end RPO solution providing the entire recruitment function for all of the client’s open job requisitions or a defined subset thereof. In an RPO, the DM Talent team becomes an integral part of the client’s organization, as it deploys all of DM Talent’s services.

Mass-Market Recruiting

Mass-Market Recruiting is most suited for entry level positions and those requiring up to several years of experience. These types of reqs are generally sourced using job boards, local advertising, universities, professional associations, career fairs and our proprietary network.

Contract staffing

Over 80% of companies in corporate America use some form of contract staffing as it offers numerous benefits over traditional W-2 employees. Such benefits include savings in employee healthcare, workers’ compensation claims, payroll withholdings, retirement benefits and social security.

Contingency Search

Contingency Search is the hallmark product of the recruiting industry and the mechanism DM Talent most often utilizes to prove its worth. When a client engages DM Talent for a contingency search it is a no-risk proposition as payment for service is due only after a candidate of ours is hired.

Supplemental Services

No matter the nature of your staffing needs, DM Talent can provide supplemental and ancillary services to assist in your recruiting efforts. Examples of such services include scheduling interviews, background checks, hotel & flight arrangements, and checking references, as well as numerous other supportive, administrative and secretarial functions.