Mass-Market Recruiting

Recommended for entry to mid-level positions

Mass-Market Recruiting is most suited for entry level positions and those requiring up to several years of experience. These types of reqs are generally sourced using job boards, local advertising, universities, professional associations, career fairs and our proprietary network.

The type of candidates most often produced via these methods are job seekers who have generally up to a few years of relevant field experience. Often in searches such as these the challenge is not to source resumes – as they are abundant – but to skillfully and carefully read through multitudes of resumes to identify the diamonds from the rough.  Candidates who pass the initial resume screening process are then engaged via a phone interview and evaluated on a series of predefined measures.

The process is tedious and time consuming and requires talent acquisition professionals who excel at profile analysis and who have a strong knowledge of the technical details associated with the opening, as well as a firm understanding of the remuneration and benefits limitations of the organization.

At DM Talent, mass-market recruiting is one of our specialties. We can perform this type of search, saving money for our clients as compared to the cost of an in house search. This is because in many organizations only high level HR staff have the requisite skillset to perform this function properly – i.e., they are the only ones who understand the details and needs of the hiring managers, have requisite experience in conducting interviews,  are familiar with the technical jargon the remuneration limitations of the organization. When junior staff take on this function they are often overwhelmed and fail to grasp the nuances of each opening and the subtleties in each resume. Coupled with their minimal experience in conducting interviews, junior staff tend to choose candidates who sell themselves best, but not the ones most qualified for the job.

By outsourcing this function to DM Talent, qualified candidates are produced quickly and efficiently as our staff has performed these searches many thousands of times and have a strong foundation in pharma. DM Talent simplifies and streamlines the hiring process, freeing up the valuable time of the HR senior staff to take care of vital HR needs independent of recruiting.